Image of Reid & Taylor Summer Jacketing Quality WJ23

Reid & Taylor Summer Jacketing Quality WJ23

The Grand Départ of the Tour de France took its riders on a tour of Yorkshire’s most spectacular (and arduous!) countryside as well as through some of Yorkshire’s iconic towns and villages with a rich textile history.

To celebrate this occasion, a comprehensive textiles showcase was organised by the Campaign for Wool (of which the Prince of Wales is Patron) and the UK Fashion and Textile.

The catwalk event showcased garments made from premium yarn and fabrics, Reid & Taylor are once again proud to be key contributor to this exciting event.

Image of Reid & Taylor Escorial Suiting

Reid & Taylor Escorial Suiting

Our Exquisite Escorial suiting & luxurious summer jacketing can be seen here, gracing the catwalk.

If you want to have in your collection garments of distinction with depth of colour, contact to us and we can arrange for you to see our unique fabrics.