William Halstead attended a fashion event at Zhukoffka Plaza in Moscow’s Luxury Village.

The event was set up to promote Italian designer Vincenzo Brandonisio who had a fabulous fashion show displaying his creations on the catwalk. This was an excellent opportunity to meet with the store owner and by extension the general public who buy the finished garments made from our cloth which is always interesting.

As a new market for William Halstead we really got to understand the element of luxury desired by the Russian people, particularly our Cashmere by Joshua Ellis and Vicuna products by William Halstead were of great interest.

Dream Suit Event
The main reason for the trip to Russia was to launch our newest product to the market place which is 100% Worsted spun Vicuna.

We are offering this into Russia through our customer Dream Suit who will be selling the Vicuna on a made to order basis for each individual suit length. We can supply Black Navy and Natural colours, if a customer has a particular design they wish to create we can also work closely with the customer to create the desired design for the suit length. We can also personalize the selvedge with the customer and or tailors name and even design a pinstripe to state the customer’s name in the stripe. A surcharge will is applied for this service. The price is 2500 GBP per metre.

Dream Suit hosted an evening with 60 of their top customers to present the William Halsted 100% worsted spun Vicuna to the public. This will feature in their new store which is launching this month in Moscow.

Also featuring in the event were our sister companies Joshua Ellis, Charles Clayton and John Foster.

There was great enthusiasm from the Russian press and Forbes magazine and Russian shopping guide are particularly keen to feature this project in the next issue of their magazines.
This event has really given the SIL group companies great exposure into Russia and over the coming months we expect our business to grow thanks to the help and support of the Dream Suit event.